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The Las Vegas Strip specializes in larger-than-life excess. Casinos keep getting bigger and more over the top.It's not easy to get attention on the 4.2-mile stretch of road that's packed with
" /> Anyone looking for a rescue dog at MSPCA-Angell’s shelters in Boston, Salem, Methuen, and Centerville on Cape Cod won’t have to worry about adoption fees as
Prices start at just $10.The holidays are a wonderful time… until you realize you have to secure a gift for your mom, BFF, coworker, hometown barista, and the list goes on. News flash: You don’t have
No. 26: Single mom seeks help after job loss, car expenses This family’s caseworker said this mother is a very responsible parent, working hard to make a stable home for her two daughters
The heartwarming moment when a Staffordshire bull terrier cuddled up to her new 2-day-old puppy has melted hearts in a viral video. The footage, posted by @izythestaffy on various platforms, has
Unseen movie characters, like Samantha in "Her," use their voice and interactions to unfold their essence and impact the narrative. Scarlett Johansson's performance
A new procedure to treat patients with an enlarged prostate is now available in the south west.Musgrove Park Hospital, in Taunton, has become the first in the region to offer patients the state-of
Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers teamed up with local youth to go holiday shopping on Wednesday as part of their annual "Shop with a Cop" event. The event, in partnership with the D.C.
Whale Watchers in California’s Monterey Bay spent part of Thanksgiving Day watching orcas showing a new pod member how to hunt sea lions. One of the behaviors involved “punting” a sea lion “almost
Any changes in your medications or allergies? Check. New health issues since your last visit? Check. And would you like to contribute a blood and DNA sample for a massive research project? That last
Korean BBQ is growing in the U.S. Maybe you've seen some new spots in your city and don't even know what to order. Or maybe you caught Netflix's new series A Nation of Banchan, about the wide variety
A video showing chickens suddenly freezing in place stunned the owner of the animals and has gone viral on social media with over seven million views.The video posted on TikTok by @brianna_antionette
As an infant Amy Galeano was always getting sick, and she never stayed healthy for long. Yet every trip to the doctor ended the same way. “She had constant fever,” recalled
Another location of Botbar, the robot-run coffee shop, has opened in New York, this time in Manhattan. The latest has been installed inside a Midtown location of Sanmiwago, the Taiwanese
Some dogs are very nice, sweet, and never do anything wrong. The vast majority of dogs, however, commit crimes.Those dogs still deserve presents! On Wednesday, November 29th, one mom made it clear
The Master Sword is one of Tears of the Kingdom's most useful items, since it regenerates rather than breaking completely. This makes it
ROBERTSON COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) — A woman is alive after being saved at a Robertson County school with the Heimlich maneuver. “I felt like I was going down, and there was nothing I could do. I
Are these researchers the giants of java? Experts claim to have discovered the secret to making the perfect espresso in a study published in the journal Matter. When coffee beans are ground, the
SEATTLE (AP) — A humpback whale visiting the waters off Seattle dazzled onlookers Thursday morning with several breaches in the bay just beyond the city’s downtown area. The whale has been spotted
The Weeknd is directing $2.5 million from his XO Humanitarian Fund to help the United Nations World Food Programme's emergency humanitarian efforts in Gaza.The Dawn FM artist, who is a WFP Goodwill

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